EMDA Member DirectoryOnce known as the “indispensible link” between wholesalers and manufacturers, the latest edition of the EMDA Membership Directory, continues to be the best tool available to help shortline manufacturers and other agencies locate wholesaler-distributors and independent manufacturers reps of ag equipment and related products.

If your company manufactures farm, industrial or outdoor power equipment, parts or original equipment and supplies, the Directory is published to assist you in getting your product to market through the independent full-service farm equipment distributors and reps.  If your firm sells warehouse equipment, computer hardware or software, or other products of interest to wholesalers, the EMDA Membership Directory is a valuable list of customers for your products.

A searchable online edition of the Directory has been added to this web site. Use the “Search DIRECTORY” field above, or go to the Search Member Directory page.

The Print & Digital editions of the Directory feature:

  • Listings for all EMDA member firms, including the names and photos of their officers and key managers.
  • Each EMDA rep and distributor’s one-page listing also includes a business profile paragraph giving manufacturers and other users of the Directory an even more complete look at EMDA’s members
  • Branch office information.
  • Territory listings for wholesaler firms and their branches, with a map illustrating the territory covered.
  • Sales territory quick-reference listing.
  • Personnel index.
  • Product code listing indicating product types currently distributed by each EMDA member.
  • Product code quick-reference listing.
  • Associate Membership listings, including product description.

The Digital Directory is comprised of 5 separate PDF files – each representing a different section of the print edition:


General information about the association, the convention, product code information and a section on the wholesale-distribution industry. [225K PDF]


Individual page listings of all rep and distributor members [4M PDF]


Index of North American states and provinces and the distributors and reps that cover the territoy [164K PDF]


Index of 31 broad product categories [98K PDF]


Individual listing of all Associate member firms. [1M PDF]


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