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Mark your calendars: November 7-10, 2017  at the Hyatt Regency Houston hotel in Houston, Texas

EMDA and FEMA jointly sponsor a “Communication Center” where room locator cards for each convention attendee are posted on display boards. New this year, an online version of EMDA’s Communication Center display. As soon as registrations are received, their business profile will be displayed on this page, and they will be added to the downloadable attendee lists:

A bit of advice: Don’t wait until a company you’re interested in meeting appears on the registration list, however, before making initial contacts. Assume that most CEOs or sales executives from both of the associations will be attending. If they are not, they will either tell you who will be attending or if they, in fact, will not be there. Waiting until convention time to try and schedule appointments will usually result in the party you are trying to reach already being “booked up” with previously scheduled appointments.

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William Hackett Chains Ltd.

West Midlands United Kingdom Phone: 011-(44) 1384 569431 FAX: 011-44-1384-639157 Member since: July 9, 1997 Website: http://www.williamhackett.co.uk


Manufacturers of mounted and trailed flexible chain harrows.

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