Industry Showcase

Mark your calendars: November 7-9, 2017  at the Hyatt Regency Houston hotel in Houston, Texas 

The Hyatt Regency Houston hotel has remained dry and fully functioning during the storm.  A couple of updates from the Houston Convention & Visitors Bureau:
• Houston’s convention campus / Avenida Houston and surrounding hotels sustained no damage (this includes the Hyatt Regency Houston, site of EMDA’s 2017 Fall Convention).
• Both airports are fully operational

We look forward to adding our support to the Houston economy with our Convention in November.

Potential Fraud Alert! If you receive any phone calls from companies about hotel reservations for the EMDA convention, it’s a fraud. While we haven’t learned of any specific calls yet this year, Just remember – if you are planning to attend the EMDA Convention, EMDA’s Industry Showcase or the FEMA Convention – only make reservations through the association offices.   Another annoyance – spam emails that offer attendee lists. If you are looking for attendee information for EMDA meetings, contact the Association directly.

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A half-day show-and-tell opportunity for manufacturers and marketers of goods and services of interest to distributors, reps and manufacturers of farm equipment and related products, EMDA’s Industry Showcase is a highlight during the concurrent conventions of the Equipment Marketing & Distribution Association (EMDA) and the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association (FEMA).

“We made more valid contacts at EMDA’s Industry Showcase in 3-hours than we did at a 3-day show the week before.”

EMDA’s Industry Showcase is the gathering place for the industry at convention time and the Association is pleased to note that previous Showcase vendors report in their post-Showcase critiques that their booth visitors are well qualified to make purchasing decisions. More than 500 sleeping rooms are on reserve at the Hyatt Regency Houston, where owners and key managers of equipment distributing and repping firms and equipment manufacturing firms will be in-house to attend their respective EMDA or FEMA Conventions. EMDA’s convention schedule is designed to enable these distributors, reps and manufacturers to interact and do business – through informal conversation, scheduled interviews and, of course, contacts made at EMDA’s Industry Showcase.

“Because of the overwhelming response from EMDA members requesting a one-hour meeting, I had a total of 19 meetings in 3 days. The initial assessment would be, we should have done this a long time ago. Thanks to all the people that made this opportunity available for us, it’s just what we needed to move our  distribution network to the next level.”

EMDA’s Industry Showcase is primarily a “table-top” show to inform potential customers about products and services. The Industry Showcase is open Wednesday afternoon of convention week. Only persons who are registered for the EMDA or FEMA conventions and who are wearing their convention badges are admitted to view the Showcase. The Showcase is not open to the public.

“I covered all my expenses in the first hour of the Showcase.”

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