Mark Tibbitts nominated for election to EMDA Board of Directors

Mark Tibbitts, Vice President, General Implement Distributors, Salt Lake City, Utah, has been nominated for election to the EMDA Board of Directors. The election will take place at the Association’s Corporate Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas, November 8, 2017.

Tibbitts was selected by the Nominations Committee chaired by Wayne Barber, President, DFK Equipment Sales, Inc., St. Marys, Ontario Canada, and committee members Trey Price, VP-Ag Division, Price Bros. Equipment Co., Wichita, Kansas, and Bobby Hadskey, President, Short Line Sales, Memphis, Tennessee.

Mark grew up on a small family farm in Kaysville, Utah with 4 brothers and 1 sister. The farm grew crops such as Alfalfa, Wheat, and Oats and always had Horses and cows to take care of. Marks farm experience didn’t end there as he could often be found volunteering at several of the local dairies during milking or working the custom farming operation earning extra money.

At the age of 15 Mark took a job at a local small engine repair shop where he honed his skills as a small engine mechanic. He would work in that industry for approximately 10 years during which he took over as the shop manager. It was at the end of this time period that Mark was interviewed for a Job with General Implement and in January 2005 was hired as a Management Trainee. In late 2006 an opportunity became available to move to Boise and in January 2007 Mark and his family made the move. For 7 years it has been his privilege to work with not only a top notch team, but a tremendous group of customers.

In 2014 Mark was promoted to Vice President of Sales where he works closely with 15 salesmen and the manufacturers that General Implement has the privilege to represent.

Mark earned a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix, completing the degree in the spring of 2013.

Mark has been supported in these endeavors by his wife of 16 years, Cristin, and their three daughters Kaleigh (15), Reese (11), and Harper (2). His family has been a major part of his success and their time together is something he values above everything else. Mark is an avid outdoorsman and can be found Mountain Biking, Backcountry Snowmobiling, Fishing, Scuba Diving, and Backpacking.

EMDA Board members are elected for a three-year term, and are eligible to serve two terms. The EMDA Nominations Committee also proposed the re-election to the Board of Jenni Edney, Vice President, Edney Distributing Co., Inc., Lakeville, Minnesota, to serve as 1st Vice President.

Current Board members serving terms through 2018 include: Ron Chandler, Partner, Becknell Wholesale Co., Inc., Lubbock, Texas, who will serve as Treasurer; and Steve Prouty, McNeil Marketing Company, Albany, Oregon, who will serve as 2nd Vice President.

Board members serving terms through 2019 include: Jerry Nettles, Short Line Sales, Memphis, Tennessee, who will serve as President and then Treasurer; and Kent Zimmerman, VP, Ag Sales Manager, John Day Co., Omaha, Nebraska, who will serve as Secretary and then 2nd Vice President.

EMDA Treasurer, Wayne Barber, President, DFK Equipment Sales, Inc., St. Marys, Ontario Canada, will have completed his term of service on the EMDA Board and will not be eligible for re-election.

The EMDA Bylaws were amended in fall, 2010, to add an Associate Delegate to the Board of Directors. Associate Delegates to the Board serve a two-year term. Jamie Beisch, Sales and Marketing Manager, Elston Manufacturing, Inc., Sioux Falls, South Dakota, was elected in 2016 and will serve his final term as Associate Delegate in 2018.

Under the provisions of EMDA’s Bylaws, nominations for election to the Board are from the Nominations Committee or by any 10 or more member firms who prepare and file a written nomination signed by all nominators (and accompanied by the written consent of the nominee or nominees to serve if elected) with the EMDA Board of Directors or EMDA’s Executive Vice President at least 30 days prior to the Association’s Annual Meeting.

The EMDA Board of Directors meets during the Fall Convention and once during the Spring. The Board also participates in several conference calls over the course of the membership year. ###

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