Multivator AgBOT places second in 2017 AgBOT Challenge

Purdue University’s AgBOT team recently placed second at the 2017 AgBOT Challenge weed‐and‐feed challenge in Rockville, Indiana.

Ford Distributing’s Chris Ford said, “We met with students from the Agricultural Engineering Department in March of this year. These students were involved in the 2017 agBOT Challenge which is a competition to build a robot for autonomous weed control. The Purdue Ag team thought the Multivator would fit in well with the mechanical weeding aspect of the competition. Ford Distributing donated a Multivator for the project and the Purdue kids modified it extensively for robotic control. We are extremely proud to have been a key sponsor.”

Purdue University student, Melissa Mason stated, “Students in Purdue’s Agricultural and Mechanical Engineering departments now have the foundation laid to continue to learn and improve on this project for years to come, while simultaneously sparking innovation and improvement in agricultural work methods.”

About Ford Distributing: Ford Distributing, a division of Hayward Distributing Co. is a supplier of specialized agricultural and industrial equipment. Ford Distributing has been in business supplying several brands to dealers in the Midwest since 1976. Ford Distributing has been a member of EMDA since 1994.

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