About EMDA

The Equipment Marketing & Distribution Association (EMDA) is the international association for wholesaler-distributors and manufacturer’s representatives of agricultural and related industry equipment and parts. For generations, EMDA members have served as the vital link between manufacturers and North American retail dealers.

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Marketing channel decisions are among the most critical decisions facing an organization. EMDA members are confident of the role they play in distribution because they lower the total cost of distribution. Through the value-added services, members maximize (and/or even establish) market penetration and market share.The distributor or rep enhances consumer services and satisfaction, while actually reducing the overall distribution costs – thus increasing the manufacturer and dealer profitability.

Manufacturers, distributors, reps and dealers – are all vital links in the farm equipment marketing chain. And EMDA’s member wholesalers are the value added link between manufacturer and dealer. Your link to profitability and marketing success!

EMDA’s member firms are independent distributors and manufacturer’s representatives, located throughout the United States and Canada, who distribute a wide range of product lines including farm, light industrial, commercial, recreational, irrigation, lawn and garden, outdoor power equipment, light forestry, power transmission, turf maintenance, etc. They perform such value-added services as warehousing, in-field sales representation, advertising and promotion, product education, service requirements, warranty representation, physical handling and credit and collections. EMDA members provide the functions which lower the total cost of distribution and increase your market share.

Association History: In a vote held during their concurrent 2008 Fall Conventions in Reno, the memberships of FEWA and AIMRA approved a consolidation of the two associations. AIMRA (the Agricultural & Industrial Manufacturer’s Representatives Association) and FEWA (formerly the Farm Equipment Wholesalers Association) merged to form the leading association devoted to the marketing of specialized equipment: The Equipment Marketing & Distribution Association.

FEWA was originally incorporated in the state of Delaware in March, 1945, as the National Wholesale Farm Equipment Distributors Association. The Certificate of Incorporation was amended in November, 1952, to change the name to Farm Equipment Wholesalers Association. Member vote held during the 2005 Fall Convention changed the Association’s official name to FEWA, and added the Marketing & Distribution Association tagline.

Originally organized in 1961, the Agricultural & Industrial Manufacturers Representatives Association (AIMRA) was incorporated under the laws of the state of Arizona as the American Farm and Power Equipment Agents Association. In 2008, AIMRA filed articles of incorporation under the laws of the state of Delaware.



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